Q: Where am I?

A: Ashley Jemini’s Yoga Therapy Blog, The Internet, Earth, The Universe, Here.

All correct answers.

Maybe ~ like me ~  you want to read about yoga, or therapy, or both?

Maybe ~ like me ~ you’re into poetry and reading about the lives of other people? Perhaps as a way of understanding your own?

Q: What do you blog about?

A: The Truth, & Setting MySelf Free…

My hope is to inspire you, whoever you are, to be more honest with yourself about who you really are; and to consider loving whomever and whatever you find.

Update: 01/04/2019

What if we got in the HABIT of facing our fears?

I haven’t touched this blog in months, for several legitimate reasons that I’ll probably write about soon. I’d like to admit that fear has been one of the factors.

So has “accidental racism,”

And “casual” sexism,

And work, and play, and rest, and travel.

It feels good to be back !

~ Love, Ashley



Imagine a disco ball

Zoom in close, at all the tiny mirrors. Light bounces off the mirrors, casting specks of light everywhere. The room sparkles.

Now imagine a disco ball the size of Our Planet, only the mirrors are inside and out as well. From the center of this hollow-disco-Earth, all the mirrors face each-other. From the Center of Everything Shines The Truth, while 8 billion mirrors* cast 8 billion different reflections of the same light to their neighbors.

This website is my reflection of what I see. Welcome to my unique perspective.

Why am I doing this? Well, I have many thoughts and ideas that I think other people will find entertaining, insightful, or both. I’d like a forum to talk to strangers about books and cafés and hip-hop-pop-ups. I’d like an outlet for my voice, whether anybody’s out there listening or not. I’d like to write more.

So here I am. Finally putting myself out there. My hope is to inspire you, whoever you are, to be more honest with yourself about who you really are and maybe consider loving yourself, no matter what you find. I truly believe that approaching yourself and other people with universal compassion and empathy can move us all in the direction of saving the world. Seriously! I’ll explain more later, I promise.

Why should you listen to me? Well, I have a social, educational, and cultural perspective that you’re not going to find just anywhere. The Truth is, everyone’s perspective is unique ~ even you and your twin have two distinct experiences of reality.

“Zada. My Precious Sistah. I Love You more than anything. But SERIOUSLY? HOW the [bleep] did you end up taller than me????”
Diversity is a good thing. It’s the only way any species can evolve**. Most of the world’s problems have to do with the separation and ranking of everything and more importantly, everyone. 

If you have a knee-jerk repulsive reaction to the notion of “compassion and empathy for all,” was it because you think some people don’t deserve your compassion and empathy?

My point is, once you accept and embrace the fact that everyone is different from you, and that everyone’s perspective is True for Them, it’s easier to grow as a person ~ and as a society ~ because when your mind is less busy judging everything you are more free to learn everything.

You don’t have to try and like everybody’s perspective. Eew! Heavens, no! That would be impossible and inauthentic and weird, right?

Thank you for stopping by. Namaste, y’all.

(Photograph: Zada (left) and Zuri Eshun, by Laura Pannack for the Guardian)

*Yes, that’s a metaphor for how everyone has a different perspective on reality. Our own perspective of the light is influenced &or distorted by the perspectives of those around us. Until we all share the exact same body and mind and experiences, we will always, always have different perspectives on reality. These differences can be so small that the perspectives overlap; other times two different world-views can be half a planet away.

**Having grown up in the American South, I feel the need to say: Please don’t come for me regarding intelligent design. Evolution is EVIDENCE of intelligent design! We *can* all get along 🙂 In the future, I’ll post about Faith & Fate; Karma & Dharma; other ways of describing “God’s Plan.”